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Pioneer Museum Main Building
Main Entrance BuildingThis two-story building was originally the Western Motel’s restaurant, located west of the museum. Restoration of the building was completed in 1997. This building contains exhibits such as dolls, musical instruments, pewter and silverware, photography equipment and photos, paintings, arrowhead and Native American artifacts, and an
extensive gun collection.

La Veta Hotel memorabilia is located behind the front desk. More pictures of the once grand hotel are hanging on the north wall of the main floor. The large Pioneer Museum sign at the east end of the property, just off Highway
50, is constructed from support beams from the outdoor columns of the La Veta Hotel.

Oldtime Cash Register Trumphet Vintage Phonograph Ceramic Dolls Old Gun Display Upstairs of Main Building Mirror and hotel setting

32 The Le Veta Building
32 La Veta BuildingThis display building houses clothing, hats and shoes. It also includes a Campfire Girls ceremonial dress.

La Veta Entry Hats Dresses perspective

97 The Moore Building
This building was Colin Moore’s Plumbing Supply Storeroom. Colin Moore worked at the Aberdeen Granite Quarry and the Denver South Park & Pacific Railroad. The cabin is approximately 100 years old. Originally located at 210 South Taylor Street in Gunnison (“210” is still on the building), it was moved to the Moore land west of Gunnison. Tom Redden donated the cabin to the Pioneer Museum in 2003.

The Moore BuildingThe building contains an eclectic blend of memorabilia including radios, sewing machines, artist supplies, military posters, salt and pepper shakers, an old washing machine and a clock from the Miller Furniture Store from the late 1920s.

Posters Radios Reel to Reel Recorder Vintage Sewing Machine
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The Gunnison Pioneer Museum

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