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Old log and chink Post Office
Alonzo Hartman Postmaster 1876This is the first post office in Gunnison County, built in 1871. It was dismantled and reconstructed on the museum grounds in 1971. Alonzo Hartman was the first Postmaster. The dirt floor and sod roof were typical of the early log cabins. Its original location was on the Hartman Ranch south of Gunnison.

102 Paragon School House
Paragon SchoolThe original Paragon School (Paragon meaning "superior excellence") was a log cabin built in 1889 and located approximately seven miles north of Gunnison. The new school was built in 1905 at a cost of $1,900.00. The architect, Mr. John B. Outcalt, was a ship designer in the East. He designed the library windows to duplicate a tugboat and the bell tower to imitate a lighthouse. This was a one-teacher school for grades one through eight. The school was used for 42 years. The present furnishings were gathered from other rural schools in the county. This building was moved to the museum grounds in 1970.

Paragon School 1881 Old Wood Burning Stove in the Paragon School Schoolboy Hats from the Paragon School Couple of original Paragon School Teachers Corner Stone 1881 Old Scattered Photos of Days Past Books on a Desk

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