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Old Main Building - Yellow Metal
This was the first building on the museum grounds, which opened its doors in 1964. Old Main contains exhibits including vintage clothing, a country store, a barber and beauty shop, saloon, office equipment and linen handwork.

Ivan's Barber Shop in the Old Main BuildingRestrooms are Located in this Building

Beer Can Display Old Grocery Store Old Colored Bottles Table Setting
Old Postage Machine Old Cell Phone Milk Bottle Cap Machine Old Time Baramoter

Quary Stones
In front of the Old Main building are granite posts as well as two large stones - one granite and one marble.

The granite stone is from the Aberdeen Quarry. In addition to the Museum, the Pioneer Society also owns the Aberdeen Quarry, which is located on Beaver Creek just a few miles from Gunnison. The quarry dates back to 1880, producing granite used in building the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, Colorado. Quarry RocksThe quarry itself was formed by a geologic action called a 'caldera', a large, basin-like depression resulting from the explosion or collapse of the center of a volcano. As part of the summer program at the Museum, Jeep tours are scheduled to provide an opportunity to visit this historic site, which is open to the public. Directions to the quarry are available at the main desk of the Museum.

The marble stone is from the Colorado Yule Marble Quarry in Marble, Colorado. This stone was used by Vinnie Ream, the sculptress for the statue of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial and the first woman and the youngest artist to ever receive a commission from the United States Government for a statue. This gleaming marble stone was also used for the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington Cemetery. 

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