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106 Andy Mallett Antique Car Museum
This building was constructed in the spring of 2000 in order to house a very prized collection of 25 antique cars. Mr. Andy Mallett's donation, which he restored himself, originated in Delta, Colorado. In addition to Mr. Mallett's collection are vehicles from the GunnisonThe Car Museum at the Gunnison Pioneer Museum area, donated or on loan from local residents.

Cadillac Esty Ranch Truck Old Fire Truck Yellow Antique Car
Nash Three Nice Antique Cars A variety of classic and antique cars to choose from Hood Emblem
TepeeDedicated in a 1991 ceremony to Lauressa Gunn, a four-year old Ute who was given her Ute name-Lauressa Eagle Horse. Elk and bear hides are used in the tepee to honor the Ute people who were in the Gunnison Valley before the whites. The Utes were here in the summer months because of the good hunting and fishing conditions.
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The Gunnison Pioneer Museum

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