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119 Weather Port Number Two
The second Weather Port, just south of the Coleman Building, houses seven vintage tractors which have been restored to near-new condition.

Farmall Tractor1951 John Deere Model B On loan from Esty Ranch
1959 John Deere 530 NF On loan from Esty Ranch
1959 John Deere 530 WF On loan from Esty Ranch
1959 John Deere 430 On loan from Esty Ranch
1959 David Bradley Tractor Restored by Rob and Matt Coleman
John Deere Model H Donated by Ron Bombard
John Deer Model BR On loan from Robert G. Gydesen

120 The Miller Building
Precious Gems and RocksThe Miller Display Building features a rock and mineral collection as well as numerous mining and gold panning implements.

121 Pole Barn
The Pole Barn houses many pieces of mining equipment, from way back when.

The Good Fellas BuildingThe Odd Fellows Building
This building, donated by Tom Redden in 2011, houses memorabilia and regalia from the Gunnison Lodge #39 Independent Order of Odd Fellows including a coffin. The building also includes many artifacts from the Vashti Rebekah Lodge #43.

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The Gunnison Pioneer Museum

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