Museum Attractions

Outdoor Displays on the South Side of the Museum
Old Tractor on the South Side OutsideCement mixer – used to pour concrete for the Ruland Senior School, later Middle School. This building was located at the entrance to Western State or just north of Museum.

Mine Drilling Compressor – this drilling compressor, built in the early 1920’s ran nine drills at one time. It was used at the Monarch Lime Mine at Garfield just east of Monarch Pass. The lime that was extracted Outside Displayfrom the mine was sent to CF&I in Pueblo to flux the steel or clean the steel.

Caterpillar Overshot Ore Tractor - only ten of these were made, this particular unit being used at the Keystone Mine. It also has been used to move snow.

East Side Outdoor Display at the Pioneer Museum
Outdoor Displays on the east end of the museum grounds includes tepees, tractors and a collection of motorgraders including a 1925 motorgrader owned by the City of Gunnison.

Outside East Side of Museum

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The Gunnison Pioneer Museum

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